Beacon Fell

We had a wonderful trip to Beacon Fell on Wednesday 10th July 2013.
Here is a collection of photos from the day and an audioboo below presents some audio of the day’s learning.

Last Forest School of the Year

Forest School Fire on PhotoPeach

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Forest School

What do Reception like about Forest School? from Mrs Doran on Vimeo.

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Our Special Olympic Assembly

It was a lovely assembly this morning. The children in EYFS and KS1 were able to show all of their fantastic work from our Olympic Week.

We were all very excited to meet Jamie Barrow and the Olympic Torch! Thank you Jamie!

Our Olympic Assembly on PhotoPeach

Our journey home

We had a fantastic day!

Our journey home on PhotoPeach

The cow shed

We saw the cows being milked in the cow shed. The cows were very naughty and they kept making a lot of mess! They were also very smelly!

The cow shed on PhotoPeach

Tractor ride

This was our favorite part of the day. We went really fast! It was great fun!

Tractor ride on PhotoPeach

Tractor ride 2 on PhotoPeach

Lunch time

Say cheese!

Lunchtime on PhotoPeach

Pet’s corner

We were very lucky to be able to hold rabbits, gerbils, chicks, goats, donkeys, a snake and a puppy. We were all very gentle.

Pet corner on PhotoPeach

Pet corner part 2 on PhotoPeach

Pet corner part 3 on PhotoPeach

Pet corner part 4 on PhotoPeach

Feeding the animals

We enjoyed feeding all of the animals. We put the food in our hands and gave it to the animals.

Feeding the animals part 1 on PhotoPeach

Feeding the animals part 2 on PhotoPeach